During our 7 day stay in Phuket, we headed down to Patong beach twice. In those two visits, we hardly sat down to really enjoy the beach and take in its scenery due to the vast amount of people flocking down to have a swim and get their tan on. A friendly, taxi driver informed us of a few beaches in Phuket that were under the radar.

This is a quick guide to top beaches in Phuket.

Patong Beach

If you’re looking for a busy and lively beach that is convenient in location then Patong is the place for you. Patong is the most famous beach in Phuket. There are loads of activities to do on the beach such as jet skiing and parasailing. Enjoy a Thai massage at the beach front or enjoy some scrumptious food at the go go bars on the beach. Patong itself has endless restaurants and bars, places to shop and pamper yourself so you are not short of supplies.