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Month: May 2016

A Quick Guide to Thailand

Thailand has been on my top 5 ‘Places To Visit’ bucket list for a very long time, and in November 2015 I finally crossed it off my list. I had often fantasised seeing the infamous Maya Bay while standing by the long tail boats, and acting like a Bond girl at James Bond Island. I longed to try authentic Thai cuisine, witness the beauty, and immerse myself in the culture of Thailand and its lovely people. I only booked my ticket for 10 days because I initially planned to travel to Thailand by myself. I wanted to see what it is like to travel solo. In the end a friend of mine decided to join me. Now I regret not choosing to stay there for a longer duration.  After visiting Thailand, I see why this beautiful country is ranked one of the most visited destinations in the world. The cost of living, friendly people, mouth- watering food, interesting culture, gorgeous beaches and the vast amount of fun activities to do are all factors which put Thailand on the map. This is a quick guide to Phuket and Bangkok only.


£1 / $1.50 is equivalent to 52 THB


Bangkok has two airports; Suvarnabhumi airport and Don Muang airport.


A Detailed Guide To Phuket

If I were to describe Phuket in one word, I would say ‘Amazing’! Located in the Andaman Sea of Southern Thailand, Phuket is one of the most popular holiday places to visit and by far the most expensive location in Thailand. The reason for this is it is the most visited and most congested especially during its high season (end of November to March). I have compiled a comprehensive itinerary list of my Phuket highlights and activities I partook in, and what each activity entailed.





The Ultimate Guide to Island Hopping (Phuket)

When we first arrived at Phuket, we were overwhelmed by the numerous amount of tour agencies present. There are small tour offices located on every corner of the street- either across the road from one another or within walking distance. We were confused as to which tour agency office to pick because we were a bit skeptical about how legitimate they were or if they were a scam to rip us off. Secondly, we had only heard of the most talked about James Bond and Phi Phi Islands. You can imagine the look on our faces when we were told that there are over 5 different islands to visit. “Which one should we pick?” “What are the differences between each island?” “Surely they are all the same?!” We thought. Incorrect! Each island has its on unique feature and activities to take part it in, making it increasingly hard to choose just one cruise to go on.


To help you out, I have listed in detail some of Phuket’s top islands which we visited, along with an itinerary example highlighting what each island hopping package consists of.


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