Jetsetter Jackie

Month: May 2017

My First Time: Skydiving

I have been desiring to go skydiving for years but never really had the funds and courage to do it until now. For this year 2017, my goal is to take more risks, travel more and do things people are afraid to do. I was rostered to fly to Dubai (with work) for a night so I snapped up the opportunity and booked the skydive with Skydive Dubai.

Skydive Dubai has two locations where you can skydive from- The Palm DZ and the Desert Campus. I booked my slot here and selected the Palm DZ location because I wanted to witness the beautiful view of the Palm and all of Dubai in its splendour.

Now I must stress that this experience was far from cheap. To do the tandem skydive and have an experienced diver film and photograph me cost AED 1,999 / £417 / $544. (I was prohibited from using my own GoPro camera to film). Without video and photos, it cost AED 1,799 /£375 / $489. It is really expensive but honestly it is worth every single penny.

To confirm your booking, you must first pay 999 AED (around £200) to reserve your slot and the remaining 1000AED at the Skydive Dubai office.

On arrival to check in, I was astonished to find so many people seated and waiting their turn for their diving experience. After handing in my printed waiver forms and paying the remaining balance at the reception, I had to wait a short while before it was my turn. I was greeted by my skydive instructor who informed me about what I would be doing. He gave me a few instructions and certain hand signals which were my cue to lift my head or legs when jumping and landing on the ground. It was pretty straightforward.


Devastator Challenge

Are you looking for a food challenge? Are you tired of feeling unsatisfied after consuming a meal? Would you like to eat more than the average size food portion at a restaurant? If you answered yes to my questions, then head on down to Red Dog Saloon.



I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing as the waiter set the mountainous burger in front of me. I thought I was in food heaven. The devastator burger consists of six bacon rashers, three 6oz beef patties, six slices of cheese and 200g of pulled pork.



The challenge is to eat the whole burger within 10 minutes. I could not finish mine within the required time frame since it was so filling. I will definitely return to Red Dog Saloon to try and beat the current winner’s 2 minute record. Overall, it was a fun experience and is worth taking part in.

Price of the Devastator Burger Challenge: £25 (includes fries and a drink)

The burger alone costs £18.50.


Red Dog Saloon is located in Hoxton Square, Shoreditch (East London).

You can also locate other branches in Soho- west London, Clapham North- south London, Nottingham, Liverpool and Southampton.


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